In spite of the fact that we distribute our software via Internet and deliver it electronically, you surely have an option to order a Backup CD or a Backup USB Flash Drive (although not from your local store yet).

When ordering our product online, you are offered an option to include a Backup CD or a Backup USB Flash Drive to your cart.

The price of a Backup CD/USB Flash Drive will be added to the cost of the license. If you include it into your order, our online reseller will burn the latest installation file from our website for you.

Delivery address

A Backup CD/USB Flash Drive is delivered to the address which you enter as a physical address on the purchase form. If you placed an order and entered the wrong address, you should contact the e-commerce reseller (2Checkout and FastSpring) that processed your order directly and inform them the new address. You have to do this promptly enough before they send out the CD/USB Flash Drive. As a rule, you get it by a snail mail in an envelope within several days from the order date. The delivery time can differ depending on your location and the service of the post office in your area.

When you get a Backup CD/USB Flash Drive, launch the installer and enter the activation code into the software to get it unlocked. It is actually the same way that you should follow when you get the software by email. The advantage of a CD/USB Flash Drive is that you always have it even if your PC needed to be changed or OS to be reinstalled. You are sure that the version and the license of the software match. It is especially important after we release a new major version and change keys.

Tip: You get the software by email in any case. So, a Backup CD/USB Flash Drive can be removed from your cart if you don’t want to pay additional fee for it and you will anyway receive the full product and everything that is needed to register. If you need an application urgently, you shouldn’t wait for the CD/USB Flash Drive to install, but use the download link and the activation code from the email.