Commander One is a file manager for Mac, a Finder like program to copy, delete, compress/uncompress files, connect to an FTP server, etc. However, Commander One can do much more than Finder, e.g. search for files with specific pattern across all drives and archives, mount MTP and iOS devices, view processes in the system, etc. 

With Commander One you can handle files not only on local drives, but also on FTP servers and in Dropbox (in PRO Pack mode). You can also access and manage data stored on Amazon S3 (PRO Pack) and contents of Google Drive and OneDrive (PRO Pack).

Commander One PRO Pack supports Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) for working with external MTP devices (/media folder). It also allows browsing iOS device's contents (the Document directory) to edit/remove/compress files and transfer data between iOS device and Mac. In future you will be able to work with your iOS device over Wi-Fi, even without connecting it via USB cable, in case "Sync with this [device] over Wi-Fi" option is enabled in iTunes.

With Commander One you can view the list of all computers in a local network (File Sharing should be enabled).

Internal Process Viewer lets you view the processes that are running currently in the system. You can view additional information or kill any process (in PRO Pack mode).

Commander One replaces other programs for handling packed files. Built-in packer supports reading and writing of the following packed file formats: ZIP, TBZ (in Free mode) and 7ZIP, TGZ, tar.bz2 (tbz2, tb2), tar.Z, tar.lzma and tar.xz (in PRO Pack mode). Files can be copied/moved directly from one archive to another. You can also delete files and create new folders directly in an archive. You can also use built-in packer to open RAR and ISO files (in PRO Pack mode).

For your convenience, Commander One also features internal Terminal, the command-line text processing utility (in PRO Pack mode).