To start, you need to create a Donglify account on the official website of the software: 

Once done, you’ll be offered to sign up for one of the Donglify subscription plans which come with a 7-day free trial: 

Note: During the free trial period, you can evaluate the software to its full extent without any feature limitations. You won’t be charged until your trial period ends.


subscription plans


After you have created a Donglify account, download the program and install it on your computer. Now, if you need to access your online account: 

  • click the Settings icon and select Account > Online Account (on macOS).

  • click the Settings icon and select Online account (on Windows).

  macOS:                                                                                    Windows:                           


and sign in with your credentials on the webpage that will open:


sign in


Once logged in, you’ll see your personal profile page:


personal profile page


There you’ll be able to view the list of computers (nodes) currently logged in to your account and log them out when required:


view the list