After you have created a Donglify account on the software website, you should launch the program on your desktop and log in to the account using either your email address and password or a login token: 


log in to the account


Note: By default, the option “Start at system login” is enabled, which means the application will be started automatically after you log in to your computer.


To disable this option, select Preferences from the app menu and uncheck the Start at System Login option:




Note: Donglify is a system tray application. It runs as a background service each time you start up your computer and minimizes to the system tray, once you click outside of its area.


To open the main Donglify user interface, click the tray application icon in the system tray (on macOS and Windows): 

  macOS:                             Windows:


or right-click the tray application icon and select Open Donglify from the context menu (on Windows): 

context menu