Donglify is a lightweight software application capable of redirecting USB dongles over the network. 

With this program, you can share your local USB security dongles with multiple users at a time* and easily connect to any remote USB device over the Internet.  

If you need to share access to a USB peripheral attached to your local computer, Donglify offers two options:

All USB dongles shared on each of your nodes (i.e. the computers logged in to your Donglify account) will be available for connection to all other nodes of this account.

Note: You can share your USB device with a remote computer only if Donglify is installed on both sides: the machine where your device is connected physically and the machine from which you want to access it remotely.

*Note: Donglify allows several users to connect to the same USB security key simultaneously. The “Multi-connect” icon shown next to the device name, indicates that this device can be shared among several computers at a time. This feature is currently available for:
      Aladdin / Rainbow / Safenet /           Gemalto / Thales:
  • USB Token
  • USB SuperPro
  • USB UltraPro
  • HASP HL 2.16
  • HASP HL Pro 3.25
  • Sentinel HL 4.27
  • Sentinel HL Pro 4.27
  • Sentinel HL 4.29 (2 variants)
  • Sentinel HL 4.31
  • Sentinel HL 4.34 (2 variants)
  • Sentinel HL Pro 4.34
  • Sentinel HL 4.35
  • Sentinel HL 4.54
  • Sentinel HL 6.01 (2 variants)
  • Sentinel HL Pro 6.06
  •    Sentinel HL Pro 6.08
  • Hardlock USB 1.02
  • Token JC
  • Safenet etoken 5110 (2 variants)  

      Feitian Technologies:

  • Rockey (2 variants)
  • Rockey2 (2 variants)
  • Rockey4
  • HID Dongle (4 variants)

  • ET299 Token

  •    Codemeter

  • Guardant Stealth II
  • USB CrypToken
  • USB-Chip
  • SenseLock SenseIV v2.5
  • Elite4 2.x