Donglify provides the ability to invite other users to connect to your USB dongles.


The concept of invites significantly facilitates collaboration with other Donglify users, as it relieves you of the need to share your account credentials with other people while also giving you control over who can access each of your devices. 

1. In order to invite another Donglify user, you first need to share the device on the computer to which it’s connected physically.  

2. After you click the Share button, the device will become available for remote connection:

Share button

Now you can invite other Donglify users to connect to your device. To do this, type the email address of a Donglify user you’d like to share your USB device with and click the “Plus” icon:

invite other Donglify users

Note: You may invite as many users as you want.

3. When the user accepts your invite, you see them “connected” to your USB device:


4. To disconnect the remote client from your device, click the “More options” icon next to the required email address and select Disconnect:


Note: Donglify allows several users to connect to the same USB security key simultaneously. The “Multi-connect” icon shown next to the device indicates that this device can be shared among several computers at a time. 


If you do not see the “Multi-connect” icon next to the device you are sharing, it means only one computer will be able to connect to this USB device at a time.