By default, Donglify configures the Windows Firewall automatically. However, if you use a custom firewall or your company has a corporate firewall, you might need to configure it manually. 


1. The Donglify GUI (donglify-gui.exe) should be allowed to establish outbound connections to the host (IP address over TCP port 8063, which is used for logging in to the Donglify account.


2. The Donglify service (donglify32.exe/donglify64.exe) should be allowed to establish:

    - outbound connections to the host (IP address The following ports must be open:

  • TCP 12063 – for connecting to the main server.

  • TCP 5018 – for connecting to remote devices via the Redirection Server.

  • UDP 5002 – for connecting toremote devices via UDP.

    - inbound connections on TCP port 5000, which is used for direct connections to devices.