If you need to share access to your Donglify account with other users but don’t want to provide them with your email address and password, you can create digital tokens and send them to users you’d like to share your account with.


A token is a secure digital key that allows you to log in to a Donglify account without entering an email address and password.


Once a user receives a token from the owner of a Donglify account, they can log in to this account and get full access to the software functionality. 

Note: Tokens do not allow logging in to online accounts of the Donglify account owners.

Also, the account owner can delete any token they’ve created and the node using it will be automatically logged out of the Donglify account.


In order to create a token, you should do the following:


1. Sign in to your online account on the official Donglify website.
2. Open the Tokens tab and click the button Create Token.


Create Token


3. Give a name to your token and click Create:


 The newly-created token will appear in the list of existing tokens.

4. Now, you can copy the token and send it to a remote user via email, a messaging app, SMS, etc.

5. To delete a token, click the red X button next to its creation date:red X button


Note: After you delete a token, all computers using it will be logged out of the account immediately.


On the remote side, the user should: 

    - download Donglify and install it on the local computer.

    start the app, enter the token they’ve received from the account owner and login to the account:


On the remote side


Note: A single token can be used for logging in to the same Donglify account from several computers at a time.


Also, it’s possible to log into a Donglify account using an email address and password.