• Q: I launched Serial Port Monitor, selected visualizers, but the logs are empty. What’s wrong?
    A: Please, check that you started monitoring using either “Monitoring” –> “Start” option from the main menu, or clicking “Start” toolbar button.

  • Q: Can I use your Terminal without enabling the monitoring features, as an alternative to standard terminal?
    A: Sure, internal Terminal acts like a separate application inside Serial Port Monitor.

  • Q: Why, when I click “Open” button in Send dialog to open a COM-port, it is not opened?A: It is possible that some other software has already opened this COM-port. Please, check that you don’t have any other software which is working with this port at the moment.

  • Q: Is there a command line option which opens Serial Port Monitor and launches the specific session?
    A: Yes, you can use the following command line options:

    SerialMonitor.exe /New COM1 11111


    1rst “1” stands for the Table view

    2nd “1” – Line view

    3rd “1” – Data view

    4th “1” – Terminal view

    5th “1” – Auto start

  • Q: Are there any technical security issues when working with serial ports?
    A: A computer’s serial port uses voltages that can seriously damage any unsuitable device. The 9 or 25 pin connector is also used for other types of interfaces that are not necessarily serial. If you are unsure whether an interface is a serial one, do not attempt to attach to it.

    A device, called a breakout box, can be used to safely determine whether an interface is a serial one or not. It is also possible to use a meter to measure the pins of the device to verify that the device is in fact using ± 12 volts on the DTR and RTS lines of the port. Additionally, the purpose of the port may be indicated in the device’s documentation.

    The line status indicators (LEDs) of this software do not qualify this software as a breakout box. When the output signals are low or in their inactive state, the output voltage is NEGATIVE (-) 12 VOLTS, which is a very dangerous voltage to test with.

  • Q: Can I monitor two or more serial ports simultaneously?
    A: Yes, you can monitor as many serial ports simultaneously as you like. Just open a new instance of Serial Port Monitor for each serial port.

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