To get started with Donglify on your Mac, follow these instructions:

1. Download the Donglify installation package at:

2. Find the downloaded file in the Downloads folder of your Mac computer and double-click it.

3. Drag the Donglify icon into the Applications directory in the window that will appear:


4. In the Applications directory, double-click the Donglify icon to open the application.

Applications directory

Note: When trying to open the application downloaded from the Internet for the first time, a prompt may appear asking for confirmation. Click the Open button and the application will open.

Open button

5. Once the application opens, log in to your Donglify account by using either your email address and password or a login token. If you don’t have an account, create it on the software website.

log in

6. Enter your username and password and click OK to provide administrator privileges and complete the software installation process: 

administrator privileges

Note: You will be asked to enter your credentials when installing, updating, or uninstalling Donglify.

Once done, Donglify will complete the installation and you will get the ability to start sharing USB dongles connected to your Mac computer: 


complete the installation