With Scheduler you can schedule your downloads to be performed at certain times during certain days.

It is common for Internet service providers to restrict the amount of bandwidth that you can use during the day but allow unlimited usage overnight. The idea is that most people and businesses are using the connection during the day, but there’s excess capacity at night when people aren’t using their connection. This is one case where Scheduler will come in particularly handy.

Configuring Scheduler settings

To configure Scheduler, do the following:
  1. Open Preferences and switch to the Scheduler tab:
  2. Make sure the Enable Scheduler option is checked.
  3. Select the days of the week and the hours to run your downloads on.The grid represents a single week, with the 7 columns being its days and the 24 rows - the hours of the day. You set the schedule by clicking the respective cells. The color indicates whether scheduled downloading is enabled for the given time interval.

Note: The schedule will only apply to the tasks for which the start type was set to Scheduled.