Paste text to device - assign a hotkey for paste action. You can paste text up to 1024 symbols, from Mac to your device only. Note: When working on a Mac keyboard connected to your device via Bluetooth, you can use copy and paste hotkeys: Cmd+C/Cmd+V for iOS devices and Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V for Android devices. Note, that you copy to the clipboard the text which is selected on the device, and respectively you paste the text from the device's clipboard.

Turn on sound effects - Add sound effects for tasks such as texting, etc.

Place icon in Dock - Check this box if you want the Typeeto icon to be displayed in the Status bar. This will allow quick access to the latest connected device. Otherwise, only Typeeto’s shortcut in the menu bar will be visible. If enabled, is used for connection by default.

Open at login - Makes Typeeto Preferences open automatically when you log into the system.